We are one of the top rated pool service companies in Palm Beach County.

Ultra Blue Pool Service offers full weekly pool services.

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Chemical Balance

We use the most accurate water testing kits in the industry to ensure the proper chemicals are added and your water balanced, for the most comfortable swimming experience.


Our pool vacuums are built by Hammerhead, we use the best pool service vacuums in the industry that pick up all debris from the bottom of your pool including sticks, leaves, even rocks!

Filter Maintenance

Regular filter cleaning is one of the most important steps when it comes to pool service that ensures a crystal clear swimming pool. The filter is responsible for catching all the small debris and must be cleaned at least bi-weekly.

Easy Payment Options

Our pool services are not only meant to provide you with a beautiful, comfortable pool, but we also have made payments easier than ever. We are proud of adopting modern online, email, and even hassle-free paper payment options.

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