Electronic Leak Detections

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Ultra Blue Pool Service is happy to announce our new service: Electronic Leak Detections!

Why Pools leak:

  • General wear and tear
  • Age/usage of equipment (motor, pump)
  • Broken, cracked plumbing underground
  • Crack in tile line, grout lines
  • Loose tiles, rails, white goods (skimmer weir door, skimmer basket, skimmer lid, return jets, main drain covers, vacuum lock for vacuum lines)

Signs your pool may be leaking:

  • Soft, mushy spots or uneven grass growth around pool perimeter
  • Water level drop more than 3 inches of water a week consistently
  • Rising water bill
  • Cracks in pool or around pool perimeter
  • Algae, discolored water
  • Fluctuation in chemicals
  • Standing water around your pool perimeter

Ultra Blue is a Certified Leak Detection Provider through Leaktronics equipment.

What is Electronic Leak Detection?

  • Finds and isolates exact leak location
  • Equipment used to listen to underground pipes and plumbing for precise isolation of leak location
  • Can listen through solid surface and landscaping
  • Can detect 6 feet or more below surface
  • Certified provider hears water escaping through lines with specialty equipment
  • No longer have to dig up pavers and dirt or drill holes on deck to find leak location
  • Bonus of having your known and trusted pool service provider perform leak detection and repair the leak
  • Fast, guaranteed results with warranty to allow you to get back to your Ultra Blue Pool quicker and without the headache of finding a separate company!

Contact us today if you suspect a pool leak to schedule your guaranteed leak detection!

Ultra Blue Pool Service (561)899-6600


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