Pool Loving Pets!

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How having your pool loving pets in your pool effects your pool maintenance.

Do you have a furry friend who loves to take a quick dip in the pool? Many dogs do, and water is a great physical therapy for dogs as well as providing good amount of exercise and energy burning activity to their day! As all pet owners can relate we would do anything to lengthen the life, happiness and well-being of our fur-babies, and having a pool loving pets can definitely help! We have many clients with furry friends who love to swim and play in the water, however it is well known that one dog swimming in the pool can be an equivalent of three people swimming in the pool. Dogs tends to release fur, dirt, and can cause grime build up on the water line. In addition, the water chemistry and balance is greatly effected by the fur-babies.
The chlorine can drastically drop, as well as raising the pH which will effect the water quality, equipment maintenance schedule, and overall water quality.
Knowing all this it is recommended that you:
  • Rinse off furry friend before letting them in the pool
  • Maintain good hygiene habits on fur babies
  • Let your pool technician know how many dogs will be swimming in your pool
  • More frequent cleaning of filter
  • Understand that pool service more than likely will be more expensive since it will be harder to maintain pool water balanced (more chemicals, time/attention, maintenance)
  • Remove all chemical containing items from pool such as: floater containing chlorine tablets
  • Beware of claws in non-concrete pools as they can puncture the material
  • Always watch your pets for their safety and ensure that they know how to swim and have enough endurance to make it back out of the water safely

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